Thursday, August 12, 2010

These 4 perfumes are my all time favorites. #1 is Tommy Bahama (pink), it's a great summer scent. It's kind of floral-ish but don't let that fool you I know a lot of people don't like floral smelling perfumes (including myself) but this is not over powering. It's light enough to wear anytime, anywhere! I actually got this at Sams Club with a tiny travel size and a medium purse size...the one in the picture is the big momma jomma size! It's GINORMOUS (one of my favorite lines from 'Elf'). The set was about $45. #2 is 'W' by Banana Republic and as you can see I'm running low...gotta go pick up another bottle. This perfume is just clean smelling to me. Most of the time if you smell me...I'm wearing this perfume. I found it at TJ Maxx and got 2 bottles for around $30 so you can't go wrong with that. #3 ok I have been wearing this perfume since I was in high school. It's my secret weapon. It's RARE GOLD and I get it from Avon. If you are an AVON shopper and you watch the sales in their catalogs or online you can get 2 bottles of this for $20 so I literally stock up and and get 4 bottles. This perfume is very warm smelling. Some people might use this perfume more in the winter time but it's for year-round. No joke, EVERY TIME I wear this someone ask me what I have on. GET IT. GET IT NOW!! Oh and if you try the other 'RARE' perfumes from Avon you will be disappointed...nothing compares to RARE GOLD!! And last but not least #4 is Valentino...I don't know if you can tell from the picture but I have only a few drops left of this perfume...I have to tilt it to get enough to come out (come on ladies you know what I'm talking about...gotta get those last few drops outta there). This perfume is considered a musk, which I'm not a fan of musk scents but it's amazing. If you wanna get your man to lean in a little closer to breathe in a little more of you then put a few squirts on your neck and dab it behind you ears...he will be enticed. You can get this at KOHLS for around $45.

Of course, like all perfumes, these will react differently with your body chemistry so try them to find your favorite scent but these are mine! If y'all try any of these or have tried these or you own them now...let me know what you think.

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