Thursday, August 5, 2010

I bought this item today and tried it tonight! This AUSSIE 3 Minute Miracle is going to be my new best friend. It is amazing. My hair is colored (blonde highlights) which really dries it out so I've been looking for an 'at home' treatment without the salon price. This was around $4 and I highly recommend it. Since I have a fear of build-up (not that this product will do that, it's just a phobia of mine) I will only use it once every couple of weeks. Since I don't tease and straighten and blow-dry every day then it's not necessary. My hair feels so soft and healthy! I think this product will be great for anyone who has color treated, sun damaged or who styles their hair a lot and uses product day in and day out...we all probably fall into one of those categories! Try it, you won't be disappointed.


honeybee017 said...

I love this product. I have done so much to my hair over the years and I use this twice a month. (every other week) Sometimes I use it more if I've been in the pool or out in the sun too much. I also use Garnier Fructis Leave-In Conditioning Cream. I use that product every time I wash my hair. I find it lighter than your traditional conditioners. My hair is fine and the other conditioners weigh my hair down. With Garnier it doesn't and it leaves my hair soft and manageable. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a conditioner that doesn't weigh down hair. You can find it at Walmart, Target, drug stores...any where. I actually buy mine at my local Dollar General. It's around $3 - $5 depending on where you buy. I get mine for $3. Back to Aussie, I love all there products. The 3 Minute Miracle is a great deep conditioner that doesn't build up or weigh down the hair and perfect for anyone needing the extra condition for their hair. Thanks Jamie for posting your review! This is an excellent product!

JEP said...

I agree honeyee017!! This is another AWESOME AUSSIE product. Thanks for the tips about usage after being in the pool. Pool water is so damaging...just makes me hair feel SO unruly. I will have to get it at DG next time and save a couple bucks!! Subscribe to my blog and we can keep each other in the loop about all sorts of products.