Sunday, August 8, 2010

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Gel
I have had this stuff for a while...probably since the beginning of the summer, therefore I'm not sure how much it cost, I'm thinking around $6-$8. I like to get a little base tan then use a self-tanner just to kinda keep a bronzed look but I will probably use it during the winter months every now and then for a little BOOST of color. This stuff says that it is streak-free...LET ME GIVE YOU A LITTLE HINT: no self tanner is streak free but I finally figured out how to use this. The first couple of times my legs looked like I just poured some iodine and let it run down..yep it was pretty funny and my momma got a good kick out of it!! After a few applications I mastered it...first of all let me say I only put this on my legs...I put a good amount in the palm of my hand and put half of it on the bottom half of my leg and the other half on the top half of my leg and I keep rubbing and spreading it around evenly until it feels like it's starting to absorb. Then I usually take a little more and add it to the back of my legs because I'm not perfect and I can't seem to get it all in one fail swoop! REMEMBER don't use too can always add more but you can't take away (take it from my iodine streaked legs). One application is enough for a little tint of color but 2 applications is my limit or you will start looking ORANGE. Be sure and wash your hands thoroughly & immediately because it WILL leave your hands looking like you just played in some red Georgia clay and be sure to get it out from under your nails!! I usually put this on after a shower and just stay wrapped up in towel (I have found after around 30 minutes that it has reached it's maximum color) while I apply make-up and do my hair before putting my clothes on. I haven't had any problems with this product staining my clothes. As far as smell...a little disappointing because it doesn't smell any different than other self-tanners. This product also contains Vitamin E which is always nice...I need all the help I can get but it doesn't only give a little color to my otherwise roadmap looking legs but it seems to make my legs look smoother...I especially like putting this on after shaving...smooth, soft and touchable!! Ya gotta admit what girl doesn't want a little color, always a confidence booster and a little color seems to hide all those imperfections (cough 'cellulite').

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