Thursday, February 10, 2011

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Pigment Eyeshadow

Wooowhooo!! Loose vibrant and eye-catching. I started off with one loose pigment MAC eyeshadow and absolutely loved it! After checking around I found out the cheapest I could buy 1 MAC pigment for was $14! I can't afford that and since I am not a makeup artist (just a makeup enthusiasts) I can't see spending that much on one product. So I quickly started reading and watching reviews. One day I came across the NYX (like nicks) Cosmetic website. Once I watched a few reviews I decided then to go online shopping to find the best deal. After some power searching I found a seller on Amazon that was selling the complete set of the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania (40 total - 30 Pearl and 10 Glitters). I purchased the entire set along with shipping for around $45.00...what a STEAL!! Online each individual bullet sized (see photos) pigment was going for $2-$3 each which would have been $80-$120 and that's without tax or shipping. Once I got them I noticed what some of the reviews had said. The bullet sized container is hard to get your brush or applicator into. A q-tip would fit perfectly but who wants to apply make-up with a q-tip all the time. I used my finger but in order to have more control on the amount and precisely where the pigment is applied I depotted the pigments into small containers that I found in the craft section of Walmart. The containers say the are for beads and things like that but they work perfectly for the pigments and let me tell will be BLOWN away at how much product is in each bullet sized pigment!! These babies will last you a LOOOOONG time. All and all I am very pleased with the product so much so that I am considering going to ALL NYX products (foundation, powder, single shadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, blush and mascara). Since I am a photographer I hope to be able to offer applying make-up for some of my clients!! I also have purchased NYX's eye shadow base and make-up remover which I will post about later! If you are looking for a great pigment that is comparable to MAC or an inexpensive way to be able have a lot of options and explore your creative side then NYX Cosmetics are the way to go!!!

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