Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tropical Makeup Contest & Arab Inspired Contest

Well about a week ago I entered my first ever makeup contest thru Sigma's Facebook page. It was TROPICAL makeup look. I used my sister-in-law as my model and went to work. I was very pleased with the results (using mainly NYX eyeshadows and eye primer). Although I didn't win it's totally fine. I love having different challenges and it gives me an opportunity to practice, practice, practice! It was so much fun just spending time chatting with my sister-in-law while I was decorating her already beautimous face!!
Then just the other day I saw another makeup contest on the MakeupGeeks website...it is an Arab Inspired one! My sister-in-law wasn't around so I used my own face for a canvas!! I didn't want to go over bored but still make it somewhat dramatic. The contest results should be posted soon (March 7th I believe). I have seen some of the other entries...there are a lot of talented people out there!! Very interesting and unique. Wish me luck. (click on the photos for a better look. they are very pixilated looking on this post.)

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JEP said...

Click on the pictures for a better look. These are blurry and pixilated for some reason.