Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DIY Salon Blowdry

Today I achieved something with my hair I have been wanting for quite some time...SALON STRAIGHT HAIR with a HUMUNGUS round brush. This is how I did it. After showering I put my hair up in a towel for about 30 minutes then let it down to air dry for another 30 minutes. Then I applied Redken's Smooth Down Heat Glider Serum (another great item for this would be TIGI S-Factor Dream Drops), mainly on the bottom half of my hair then I also applied Redken's Align 12 Ultra Straightening Balm. I usually HAVE to use a detangler but these 2 items detangler needed! First, I brushed through my hair with a paddle brush, split it in the middle at the back, parted where I normally part then used my EXTRA LARGE round brush from TIGI S-Factor and took random sections, put the round brush at the root, blow dryed at the root then pulled the brush out and started rolling the brush under while blowdrying. The blowdryer I used was my BioIonic iWhisper Light Pro. After my hair was dry I went back with a tiny smidgen of the Smooth Down Heat Glide serum and put it mainly through the ends then used what was left for flyaways. Anyways, to really appreciate my excitement you have to understand that I have been trying to figure this salon technique for a loooong time (still not perfected but close enough for me). Even after carefully watching my stylist and asking her 'how to' questions I always ended up with the round brush knotted up in my hair like a bird's nest!! Wonderful :( The one tip I have is that your hair needs to be almost dry...putting product in your hair when it's soaking wet just dilutes your products which makes them useless aaaaaaaaaaaand that is why the brush gets tangled (hair is too wet). If you are gonna pay the price for the products might as well get your money's worth, am I right? Here are the products I used:This was my result: Happy Blowdrying!!!!

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